Saturday, 15 June 2013

Enjoying Australian hospitality


St Patrick's Church in Mentone is a fine example of the period of 1950s Church building (the Foundation Stone was laid in 1957). I am the guest of Fr John Walshe who is the parish priest and a great host. Here is the inside of the Church:


This morning I celebrated the parish's regular usus antiquior Mass at the High Altar which can be used for Mass ad orientem as well as versus populum.


Mentone is a Bayside suburb of Melbourne with its own station (above) and a small area of shops including several coffee shops for which Melbourne is renowned.

I am staying here for a few days before the Colloquium of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy which starts on Monday.

Archbishop Hart is visiting this evening. I have just assisted at the parish evening Mass which he celebrated, showing great warmth to the people and their parish priest, and preaching a fine sermon on sin and forgiveness, actually mentioning mortal sin and the importance of sacramental confession.

Now we have dinner at which I get to eat Australian lamb and drink some Australian wine in Australia. God is good.
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